Workout Accessories

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  So, the time has come for you to start your training routine, your long desired workout. You have chosen the right apparel, the most comfortable clothes for exercise. Now it’s time to take a look to choose some fitness accessories that will surely help you a lot to reach your goal in a very […]

Best training shoes? Here’s your guide!


  Now it’s time to choose your appropriate training footwear. According to many experts, and also based on my own experience, this is the most important choice you have to make, because it will have the biggest impact on your fitness training results. No matter if you’re overweight or you have fleet feet or any […]

Fitness Shorts & Pants

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  Even though you have different options for summer and winter, this is another necessary gear for your training routine: fitness shorts for summer and fitness pants for winter. If you get the right ones, NOTHING will stop you from succeeding in your fitness routine! Choosing the right fitness pants and shorts will have a […]

Training Shirts

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  You have made up your mind: you chose to start training to stay fit, lose some weight, have a better health, or whatever reason you may think about. It’s a very good decision, and I really congratulate you! That’s the first step, the hardest one and the most important of all! There’s a long […]

About Workout Your World

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  Hi everyone and welcome to Workout Your World! I’m a regular guy just like you. I’ve been very interested in different types of fitness training and workout since 2011, and now I decided to create this site to help people with some useful tips mostly based on fitness apparel and equipment. But let me […]